Newburyport, Massachusetts, August 2023 — Tring Live Media, a premier in-store radio network, recently completed a targeted media program with the Arizona Department of Health Services. 

“We launched an ad messaging program with the Arizona Department of Health Services to promote their summer meals program in select Bashas’ and Food City stores,” says Bob Bauer, Tring’s President and Chief Revenue Officer. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services media program represents a key component of Tring Live Media’s services by delivering targeted messaging to a focused audience, while offering a revenue share with the stores. “It’s a win/win for the clients and our grocer partners,” says Bauer. The company’s in-store audio network of 500-plus grocery stores delivers advertisers the opportunity to engage with an average of 3.5 million shoppers per week. 

“The Arizona Department of Health Services recognizes in-store audio’s value due to the effective nature of targeting a captive audience,” says Katheryn Greenaway, Tring’s Brand Success Manager. “Data shows that 42% of shoppers who hear retail audio advertisements make an unplanned purchase, and 37% of shoppers who hear retail audio advertisements decide to purchase a different product from their original intent. Those numbers show, in-store advertising works.” 

The Arizona Department of Health Services joins other major brands such as Kraft, Motts, Luvs, Betty Crocker, Colgate, and more who have recognized the value in Tring’s in-store audio marketing based on the immediacy of the messaging and the effectiveness it has on real-time purchasing decisions. 

Tring Live Media has made an impact with grocery retailers, as many have realized the value of their web and loyalty audiences, and now include Tring’s distribution and content expertise in the media matrix as they create their own retail media network. Additionally, Tring’s ability to customize ad campaigns based on customer data makes geographic targeting a valuable ad-on for advertiser due to the segmentation flexibility it provides.  

If you would like to explore your company’s ad communication on the Tring Live Network, contact Bob Bauer, President Tring Live Media.