Tring Live Media can help ensure new product launches are successful or drive sales for items that need a sales boost. Shoppers listening to in-store audio can’t change the channel or delete ads like they do with other media. Combined, these audio solutions are designed to engage your customer, complement your other ad promotions, create product lift, and deliver revenue for our partners.

Audio Ads on the Tring Live Media Network reach upwards of 4 million engaged shoppers per week at a time when it matters the most—when they are making a decision. If you have a specific product you which to advertise to coincide with a particular promotion or even just looking at creating more brand awareness, our sales and marketing strategists will work with you to develop tailor-made solutions to enhance your brand strategy.

If you would like to explore your company’s ad communication on the Tring Live Network, contact Bob Bauer, President Tring Live Media using the form below.