Delivering the Right Audience at the Right Time

Tring Live Media’s instore audio network of 500-plus grocery retailers deliver advertisers the opportunity to engage with more than an average of 3.5 million shoppers per week.

Our solutions create value to everyone: sales lift for the retailers, point-of-purchase exposure for brands, and an entertaining experience for the shoppers.

Point of Purchase Advertising Works

Audio ads on the Tring Live in-store radio network reach every customer when it matters most—when they are making the decision to buy.

Of shoppers who heard retail audio advertisements purchased a different brand of product from their original intent
0 %
The number of minutes the average shopper spends in-store without the ability to change the channel
Of shoppers who heard retail audio advertisements made an unplanned purchase
0 %
Of shoppers will make an impulse buy
0 %
Will change brand
0 %

Shape Your Own Retail Ecosystem

Personalization—not just of marketing messages and offers, but also of product recommendations and content—can yield up to 2 percent top-line impact. But many traditional retailers do not optimize their promotions. Think beyond just the traditional, product-focused radio spots. Our award-winning custom content team was created to develop solutions to your brand objectives. Is there a current Out-of-Home campaign that In-Store audio can reinforce? How do we create an audio experience that complements a localized event or holiday? With more than 100 years of content-development experience in film, TV, radio, magazine, and mobile content, our team is able to create an in-store audio experience that enhances current campaigns and becomes a much more powerful part of the overall marketing mix.