Tring Live Media is focused solely on creating brand experiences within grocery and retail. We are dedicated to helping our retail partners create an environment and atmosphere that enhances their brands and elevates the experience for the customer. Tring Live Media’s “here and now” personalization efforts are designed to deliver the right offer at the right price, the right time, and the right location.

Our creative production team and music director will produce an entertaining shopper listening experience by furnishing distinctive, regionally appropriate, family-friendly music playlists complemented by innovative brand advertising and content. Combined, these audio solutions are designed to engage your customer, create product lift, and increase revenue opportunities.

Point of Purchase Advertising Works

Of shoppers who heard retail audio advertisements made an unplanned purchase
0 %
Of shoppers who heard retail audio advertisements purchased a different brand of product from their original intent
0 %
The number of minutes the average shopper spends in-store without the ability to change the channel